Closed Days: Novmeber 28, 29, and 30 

*As a reminder, AGA Northwest closes on all major holidays as well as the 5th class of any week. Our fees are based on a year-round payment schedule but charge monthly. There are no makeups for holidays or weather closure days. These closures are already worked into the monthly payments. Months that host a major holiday may only have 3 hosted classes. AGA Northwest usually follows the Tacoma Public School closure suggestions. There are a select few holidays where AGA will be open. Please regularly consult our monthly calendar for updates.

Veterans Day: We’re OPEN!

Week 1: Pushups 

Week 2: Candlestick 

Week 3: Splits 

Week 4: Cartwheel 

Holiday Show Sign ups: RSVP by November 12th! Cost is $25.00 each entry. Show is December 14th.