At AGA we take cleanliness and safety to a whole new level. Our classes are perfectly spaced to accommodate adequate cleaning time, as well as smaller class sizes to prevent over crowding. Our staff  will be armed with a fanny pack with sanitizer and disinfectant to provide in-class cleansing while switching rotations. Our tribe disinfects all contact surfaces before and after each class to prevent cross-contamination. Please also check out our list of “Gym Standards”.

Below are just a few pictures to show our committment to social distancing and keeping our kiddos safe.

  1. No children will share cubbies
  2. They will be assigned “Floor Spot Markers” to keep distancing
  3. They will be given hand sanitizer after each rotation
  4. Coaches will clean all contact surfaces before and after each class
  5. Disinfecting foggers will be initiate every night to ensure all crevices are tended to

List of Gym Standards